Monster Studies Class 2011
Paper Engineered Creatures 
The Story
We all know monsters live under our beds, but how do you fit such large creatures in such a small space? Monster Studies answers that conundrum. After years of study anthropologist Griffith has discovered these monsters secrets. Under the bed monsters have the ability to flatten themselves as thin as a piece of paper, and then fold themselves back to their original structure once out in the open. Terrifying and magnificent.
Each Monster Studies monster is designed to be constructed using no glue or adhesive. The connection points are used as details to help bring the creatures to life. They are made out of double sided scrap booking paper and cut by hand. 
These monsters aren't just about their good looks. They are a study of fictional anatomy and an exploration of paper as more than a surface for writing or printing. 
All monsters and their skeletons can be purchased on etsy.
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