Kate Griffith Moore is a paper engineer & Industrial designerwith a passion for icon and graphic design. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010. Griff currently resides in her home town of St. Louis, Missouri, but longs for adventures outside the midwest. Her passion for design is rivaled only by her love of chocolate and cartoons. When she grows up Griff hopes to:
1. be a lost boy from Peter Pan
2. Live in a Swiss Family Robinson type tree house
3. Be a vigilante, fighting crime and righting wrongs.
Why do you go by Griffith when its not your first name?
There are a lot of Kates in the world, I simply want you to remember me.
So you'r a Gryffindor?
Nope, I'd probably be a Ravenclaw, known for their wit and love of learning (I'm a nerd).
Also their house colors go well with my complection.
WIll you try to steal my soul?
While I am a ginger, no I do not want to take your soul. However, I am rather nocturnal to aviod getting skin cancer.

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