A collection of logos and graphics
As a digital nomad, Griffith understands the power of a good logo. The best logos don't just act as branding for a company or individual, they also give insight into the personality and style.

Below are a few logos that Griffith has created to help herself and others stand out in the vast sea of lackluster design.

Erin Anello is a traveling companion of Griffith's. Erin's work is about capturing the vulnerability of her subjects, and how that perceived weakness gives the indiviual strangth. 
Tara Mahadevan is a freelance writer, blogger & visual artist. She needed a clean and simple logo to compliment her understated writing style. 
Molly and Friends is a cat furniture company that prides itself on high quality American made cat furniture.
A finical consulting firm is seeking to educate the children of their clients about finical independence and success. These cards are designed to spark conversations and give the kids ideas to help them become confidant adults.
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